Pedraforca one of the most iconic mountains in Catalonia

Hiking Ascent to Pedraforca

The Iconic Catalan Mountain

Last weekend our local guide Rafa Vadillo led the group on a fantastic adventure hiking experience to ascend the iconic mountain of Pedraforca. She is a majestic peak rising to 2,506m and is one of the most outstanding hiking experiences you can do in Catalonia.

We met Rafa in the picturesque village of Gósol deep in the Pyrenees. After a quick coffee and briefing the group took their bags, poles and… helmets. Helmets for hiking? What is this madness?

The route Rafa had chosen was not the usual trail and took them hiking through landscapes made for postcards, surrounded by incredible views on all sides.

Eventually the hiking crew found out why they had carried helmets all this way as the final section included scrambling up brittle rock using chains and ropes to aid their climb.

To their credit everybody made it in one piece and had a well deserved break at the top before heading back down for a cheeky beer to finish the day. Another great hiking experience.

You can see the pictures from the day here

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