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An exceptionally unique experience Rock Climbing in Cataluña

Rock Climbing Around Barcelona

Barcelona is our home and Catalonia is our playground, it is one of the best climbing and bouldering destinations in the world. At some point in our lives we all fell in love with this magnificent country and it returns that love with it’s incredible beauty. We love showing it off to people who come here from all over the world.

How Good Do You Need To Be?

The answer is, It doesn’t matter! We work with everyone from seasoned mountain veterans to complete beginners and we love the challenges and experiences all this range of people brings. the only thing you ask is that you bring your determination and sense of adventure on every trip.

Who Are We?

We are a group of local professionals who have bean living and breathing theses mountains for most of our lives. Its no surprise that our rock climbing guides are world renowned and our mountain guides and sport climbing champions, have worked in local climbing gyms such as climbat foixarda and are revered experts in the fields and of course we all have the qualifications to match.

What Do You Need?

Don’t worry we have all the equipment you need for the trip. If you have you’re own gear you are welcome to bring it but if not it’s ok. We have enough for everyone.

You Want To Get To The Next Level?

We can help you there too. We run beginner’s climbing courses, lead climbing courses and advanced technique for those who have a specific project in mind. Check them out here…

Our pricing is simple

No hidden extras, what you see is what you pay

A full rock climbing day trip with all the bells and whistles

Price per person:  41,32€ + IVA (50€ total)

This includes:

  • Transport (From Barcelona city centre – possible hotel pickup
  • Guide
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • All taxes and fees

It doesn’t include:

  • Food
  • Drinks

Do you live in Cataluña?

Why not take advantage of our membership program?

  • Pay 1 monthly fee
  • Come on any excursion you want
  • Join climbing training sessions
  • Get 20% discount on Climbing Camps and Multi-day Trips

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