Superstar Team

Meet the people who make Crag Rats


Sam Wood

Founder & Head of Operations

From a very early age Sam has been fascinated with a life on the mountains ever since his father told him there was a fish and chip shop on the top of one. He always has a guide in his backpack ready to go. Hailing from the north of England in the beautiful climbing town of Keswick he moved to Barcelona nearly a decade ago and found a new love for climbing in Catalonia’s incredible mountains and venues.


After a successful career in sales and management he has now turned his skills to the creation of Crag Rats BCN with a key philosophy of bring mountain adventures to all who felt it was beyond their grasp while at the same time promoting education of key skills, environmental issues and the local culture.

Rafa Vadillo

Mountain Guide

Rafa has over 30 years of experience guiding groups in all manner of mountain activities. His vast knowledge of rock climbing, mountaineering and of course his true love, ice climbing has brought him the respect of peers at the highest level and he is a proud collaborator of the Catalan climbing and alpine federation.


A mountaineer of the highest level retaining the Climbing Instructor of the ECAM (Escola Catalana d’Alta Muntanya), registered in the Register of ROPEC Professionals, he is a tireless fighter and inventor of himself, he is today dedicated to coordinate cultural and sports activities with groups of young people.


He also runs major excursions all over the globe, you can check out his next adventures here:

Miryam Tierno

Mountain Guide

Mir is passionate about nature and mountains always with one foot between the Pyrenees and the Alps. As a child no one could stop her energy, she climbed everywhere, moved freely and achieved her goals with happiness and pure fun. As she grew so did her love for mountain sports and she found her calling in teaching people how to reduce their stress with mountain and fitness therapy.


Mir is mountain sports technician qualified, TRX instructor, personal trainer registered in the Official Register of Sports Professionals of Catalonia, which ensures quality hiking and training in all possible places and areas. She is just all round awesome! We are proud to have Mir guiding our clients and whenever we speak to them they tell us what an amazing time they had with her leading the excursions.

Sergi Medina

Rock Climbing Guide

Sergi lives and breathes the mountains! A skilled and strong climber he is well respected in the local climbing community and it seems everywhere we go we find someone who knows him. This is testament to his excellent character, always smiling and optimistic and a born leader who gives confidence to all the guests he looks after.


A fully qualified mountain guide he is currently studying to become a rock climbing guide also and has years of experience working at Climbat Foixarda looking after groups and setting climbing routes. On top of all this he is a regular commentator and host at major climbing competitions rubbing shoulders with the greatest climbers of our generation.

Helena Alèman

Rock Climbing Guide

Born in Barcelona Helena grew up in Sant Boi where her parents introduced her to the mountains. At the age of 17 she discovered the world of sport climbing and fell in love with it.


Nowadays she works as a climbing guide, a route-setter, as a coach for young competitors entering competitions and as a Pilates instructor. She loves nothing more than working with motivated people who have discovered how awesome sport climbing is and helps them improve and reach their goals. She holds the Climbing Instructor of the ECAM (Escola Catalana d’Alta Muntanya) and registered in the Register of ROPEC Professionals.


Helena is arguably the greatest female sports climber in Spain right now! She has climbed several 8cs, 8a +  flash and 8a on sight. She has participated in both national and international competitions where she has repeatedly stunned her opponents and fans winning the Spanish Cup many times and currently holds the title of Spanish lead Climbing Champion having won it in 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2018! 

Ramon Dies Miracle

Mountain Guide

Ramon’s father and grandfather taught him to love mountains of the Pyrenees, which has now become his home. At age 12, armed with a hemp rope from his grandfather, a makeshift harness, a newly purchased carabiner and a pair of socks on his hands Ramon made his first rappel from the wall of the village church … (The chaplain was not happy) and so his life began. He is passionate about the wilderness, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring.


He has led large trips and expeditions from America (Peru, USA and Canada), through the Alps and the High Atlas, and ending with Ladahk (Indian Himalaya) and Yamalia (Russian Arctic), among others. You can see or join his expeditions on his website here:

For him, guiding is not a job, it is his passion. Where each expedition is a unique experience to discover and share, he also teaches respect for the environment, nature and local cultures that mark the philosophies of life in the Pyrenees. All with utmost professionalism and providing the highest possible safety.

Sergio Jiménez

Mountain Bike Guide

Sergio discovered Mountain Biking when he was 15 years old and was living in Pennsylvania (USA). Riding an old rigid bike through the amazing trails in the Appalachian Mountains is where he developed his passion for this sport. After that he moved to Madrid (his hometown) and while he was studying a degree in Psychology, he started working in the bicycle industry in sales and then as bicycle mechanic. Cycling is his life and he can´t stop thinking about new adventures and new countries to discover with his bike. The most amazing mountain bike adventure he has done so far was a trip with 8 enduro bikers to ride the Tour of Montblanc.


Sergio is a professional Mountain Bike Guide (Escuela Española de Mountain Bike, EEMTB), and has leaded groups in amazing bicycle trips such as el Camino de Santiago by bike or la Vuelta a Menorca (Tour around Menorca on MTB) and always does his best to make every bike trip an unforgetable experience. He participates in competitions in many disciplines: MTB, Enduro, Triathlon, Road bike, bike marathon. When he is not on his mountain bike, you can find him practicing his other passions: rock climbing or surfing in some remote places on the planet.  


Mountain Guide

Amalia was born and raised in Romania in a city far away from the mountains, which delayed her love affair with the high peaks until she was 18. She has been making up for the early years ever since. She is in love with the Caucasus range and the genuine way people greet and treat you when you spend time on their beautiful lands, so she aims to run unforgettable experiences in Georgia. Passionate about outdoor sports, she’s part of the Catalan Slackline Asociation and you’ll find her promoting this sport in the public parks of Barcelona.

Amalia has recently obtained the mountain leader qualification and is very motivated to build a strong hiking and trekking community that respects nature and helps keep the environment clean.

Carmen Bulac

Life Cycles - Lead Designer

Carmen is the founder and lead designer at Life Cycles, a local web design and consultation company who have been working with us since the very beginning. She has been instrumental in taking Crag Ratg BCN from a promising idea to a thriving business helping us with building the website, designing the logo, setting up our marketing campaigns and consulting in almost every aspect of the creation process. We now work with Life Cycles on a daily basis always looking to build on the foundations they have helped us lay.


All too often the guys behind the scenes of a project go unrecognised, but we don’t want to fall into that trap so we believe they deserve to be showcased here. Carmen and Life Cycles are very much part of the Crag Rats family!


Check Life Cycles out here…

Greg Mannion

Breathwork Meditation Instructor

Greg is the founder of Infinite Breath, a SOMA breathing workshop based here in Barcelona. As a SOMA instructor he shows us how important breathing is, because let’s face it we all just take it for granted. He shows us how by changing the way a person breathes they can in fact change their physical and mental states. Breathing is a factor too often overlooked by climbers but to learn how to control our breathing is a key element in reaching our goals. Greg has been giving our members sessions of SOMA breathing with fantastic results!


Check his workshops out here…


Nebula LAB

Gabi is the founder of Nebula LAB, a design studio dedicated to screen printing  within the world of textile and paper. All designs, including patterns, are hand printed using eco friendly materials, which makes Nebula LAB part of the fair and slow fashion movement.


When she is not printing our awesome t-shirts Gabi organises all manner of screen printing events and workshops for children and adults and also cooperates with a local youth detention centre where she teaches screen printing classes.


Check out the profile and designs… Nebula Lab

Claire Hamilton

Sugar Spun Hoops Instructor

Claire is a hula hoop performer, teacher and manufacturer based in Barcelona. She has been a dedicated hooper since July 2013 when she spent most of her time spinning at classes, events and jams in Manchester until she moved to Barca in July 2016. Over the years Claire built up a huge range of tricks and orchestrated routines for public performances and is part of a talented group of people that have successfully choreographed a number of local, national and international shows…including Burning Man!


Claire runs hoop training sessions which engages arms, shoulders, core and leg muscles. It really is a full body workout that helps strengthen muscles you didn’t even know you had. We love it when she puts on a session for our members because it’s like nothing they have done before and never fails to leave everybody smiling.


Check out her skills here… sugarspunhoops